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TM Ag Tuning is an independently owned business located in Medicine Hat, Alberta. We have the best prices for the highest quality tunes available. Furthermore, every tune we perform carries a lifetime warranty on the software changes we make. You deserve the best. Request TM Ag Tuning, tuning equipment bit by bit.

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Tuning is modifying the operating parameters within the code on your equipment’s onboard computer known as the ECU. This allows us to increase the equipment’s performance, improving the economy and removing emission issues without the need to change, or add, any hardware.

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Our mission is to become the number one agriculture tuning company. We aim to provide the best quality ECU software tuning with the highest level of customer service. It is our goal to make quality, professional tuning possible for everyone and we work hard to accomplish this. In a very active farming country, it is important to keep our machines running at top standards. Tm Ag Tuning strives to exceed the expectations of our customers in terms of experience, quality, and service.





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Diesel Engines

We can improve all brands of agriculture equipment's horsepower as well as increase fuel efficiency. Since all brands of equipment are manufactured differently please reach out to us to see by how much we can improve your equipment. Just by removing the emissions system you will see an increase in fuel mileage and horsepower.

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